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Come on a journey of wonder and excitement as all Elemental wolves come to train... Will you be able to take on the demons? Well.. thats what we are going to find out...
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 Kiba's Bio

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PostSubject: Kiba's Bio   Kiba's Bio Icon_minitimeTue Jan 27, 2009 9:09 pm

Name: Kiba
Age: 3
Breed: Arctic wolf
Gender: Male
Fur color: White
Eye color: Icey Blue
Personality: Protects those who need it, loyal to friends, tends to be a loner, jokes around, loves to annoy sister Very Happy He sometimes gets moody, due to his Element: Water. He can turn easily and will often allow his demon to take over because he is insecure about his strength and doesn't want people to die because of something he did. Kiba considers himself a warrior and defender of the pack, though he does complain that Deathrow still needs to teach him the skills to become stronger.

Elemental Demon :: Yakunan (Meaning: Evil) is Kiba's inner demon. He tortures Kiba by first draining his energy, which then allows for Yakunan to easily control his body and movements. When he is being controlled, Kiba often attacks those close to him, or those who get in between him and his intended prey.

Elemental Mentor :: Mizu-Iki (Meaning: Water Spirit) is Kiba's undiscovered mentor. He hasn't yet revealed himself to Kiba due to the fact that Kiba continually allows Yakunan to take control. When Kiba finally discovers that he can control his demon, perhaps this spirit will appear...

Father :: Unknown
Mother :: Unknown
Brother :: Whitefang (BlueWolf008)
Sister 1 :: Deathrow (Deathrow Love)
Brother in law :: Bain (Bain)
Sister 2 :: Reven (Reven7577)
Brother in law :: Akon (jessica14)
Mate :: Khalin (Chibi^Vampire)
Pups :: none this year ;D

Kiba's Bio White-wolf

Kiba's Bio White_10
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Kiba's Bio
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