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Come on a journey of wonder and excitement as all Elemental wolves come to train... Will you be able to take on the demons? Well.. thats what we are going to find out...
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 I Am Raze....

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PostSubject: I Am Raze....   I Am Raze.... Icon_minitimeThu Jan 29, 2009 11:05 pm

I Am Raze.... Raze12

name; Raze
Breed: a mix of Saber, Hellwulfe, InkBlood, DeathTrotter, FearWeaver, and PainForger.
Gender: Female
Fur Color: Black and a deep, deep brown. it looks red
eye color: black and bloodred
powers: i secrete poison from my fangs. there is no cure to it. i also control darkness and with my black art, i am able to cause pain just by looking at you. i can also travel within the dark realms, which are unseen to the unskilled eye.

I am a memory, waiting to be forgotten.
I am a photograph that has begun to fade.
I am the stars that always vanish.
I am the night that melts into day.

I am the wind, that one day, will settle.
I am the sun, that one day, won't shine.
I am the present, without a tomorrow.
I am a flaw, and a waste of your time.

I am the rain, waiting to dry up.
I am a dream, about to shatter.
I am a heart that is already broken.
I am a life, that no longer matters.

I am a flower, that one day will wither.
I am the hope, that soon will be lost.
I am the summer that melts into winter.
I am a snowflake, ephemeral frost.

I am the yesterday, that's always changing.
I am the future, unwritten in stone.
I am the salty tears of the ocean.
I am an angel, without a home.

I am a woman, that cries out for mercy.
I am a demon that prays in the dark.
I am the musician that plays no music.
I am an ember, a fire's last spark.

I am a child, afraid to look forward.
I am a man, afraid to look behind.
I am a feather, that keeps on flying,
I am the darkness that melts into light.

I am the knowledge that has been rejected.
I am the cloud, that brings forth rain.
I am a goddess, that heeds destruction.
I am the one, that cries for your pain.

I am a slave, torn away from freedom.
I am a bird, caught in a golden cage.
I am the poet, lost without rhythm.
I am a reader, who can't turn a page.

I am a statue whose beauty is broken.
I am a tongue that doesn't shed lies.
I am the water that cleanses your spirit.
I am a person that doesn't yearn to die.

I am your conscience, making you weary.
I am your mind, making you dream.
I am the voice in your ear, whispering.
I am the fear that makes you scream.

I am all that is broken.
I am the black in a raven's eye.
I am a dream that lingers forever.
I am the limit found beyond the sky.

I am a spider caught in its own web.
I am a remnant of something once warm.
I am a wolf that no longer howls.
I am the bird that sings in the morn'.

I am a book that hasn't been opened.
I am a quill that no longer writes.
I am a leaf that keeps on changing.
I am an owl that glides through the night.

I am a dreamer, caught in her own world.
I am a thorn can that rip you apart.
I am a nightmare, something left unspoken.
I am the promise for a broken heart.

I am the daughter of Athena.
I am the goddess of my own fate.
I am the one with power.
I am someone who draws lines for hate.

I am the snow of the dreary winter.
I am the spirit of gentle spring.
I am the heat of radiant summer.
I am a bird that in Autumn, sings.

I am an artist, without a paintbrush.
I am a dreamer without a fantasy.
I am a poet without inspiration.
I am the evil found within beauty.

I am the dove and I am the raven.
I am someone that can fly with tattered wings.
I am the one with power to keep on going.
I am someone who lives with old dreams.

I am the product of an untold story.
I am the past hidden in the new.
I am the future hidden in the forlorn.
I am the dark star that calls to the few.

I am the fire that looms within you.
I am a figment of your mind.
I am a riddle without an answer.
I am a maiden that is out of time.

I am a flower rejected by nature.
I am a woman with no regrets.
I am a photograph that is fading.
I am a memory you will forget.

i am hell
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I Am Raze....
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