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Come on a journey of wonder and excitement as all Elemental wolves come to train... Will you be able to take on the demons? Well.. thats what we are going to find out...
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 I Know, I'm a Big Jerk

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PostSubject: I Know, I'm a Big Jerk   I Know, I'm a Big Jerk Icon_minitimeFri Mar 20, 2009 8:03 am

I'm really sorry about not being on the last.....few weeks. I got really sick for one week, evidently the exact same week all my teachers decided to give out all these big projects. And in being the good student that I am I figured it would benefit me more if I stayed away from the computer for awhile. So I spent the following week trying to get all that in, then the week after THAT to get afterschool lessons on the stuff that I had missed while trying to play catch-up! *sigh* I'm exhausted. Things are starting to slow down now, but not by very much. I'll be gone all Spring break as well but hopefully by the time I get back I'll be able to start RPing again. Really sorry for not telling you Deathrow, Kiba, etc. but my grades were on the line!! I'm still behind in Math and Chem (I hate Chem), but I'm all caught up in all my other six classes!! So there is some progress!! I'll try to get on again...sometime. you can contact me at
~Laurence, the Ditching Jerk
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I Know, I'm a Big Jerk
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